Amity Lodge #323 History

Amity Lodge was organized under the following circumstances: In 1853, there met on the east side of the City, a number of congenial spirits who were members of the Old Volunteer Fire Department. One of their machines was known as "Old Amity," hence the name of the lodge.

Amity Lodge was organized under dispensation, September 1, 1853 and was instituted, June 10, 1854. The first meetings were held at Broome and Crosby Streets; and then successively at each of the following addressred: 819 Broadway, corner Twelfth Street; over Helmbold's Drug Store; Kane Lodge Room, Broadway and Twenty-second Street; and the old Masonic Temple. On completion of the new Masonic Temple in 1909, Amity Lodge moved into the Ionic Room and eventually the Corinthian Room, on the 8th floor, where we currently meet.

The charter members were John J. Tinsdale, Henry W. Turner, John B. Leverich, R.T. Entwistle, William Drew, Josiah Waterman, George H.E. Lynch, James B. Daniels, John Miller, P.J. Dalt, and John J. Spowers.

W:. John J Tinsdale was the first Master of Amity and served in that capacity from 1853-1855. He afterwards became Secretary of the Lodge and served for over 20 years in that capacity. William Drew was the first Treasurer and served for 28 years.

Famous members include R:.W:. Richardson Wright. R:.W:. Wright was a famous expert and author on Gardening. He wrote over 20 books on Gardening. One of his famous works was "Revels in Jamaica", published in 1937.

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